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Nicole & Ben, St. Petersburg Florida Engagement Photographer

I woke up one morning a few weeks ago to the loveliest email ever. After telling me about herself and her fiancé, she told me how she had been searching for months for the perfect photographer – then she stumbled across my blog. I was floored by her sweet comments and kind words over email. I felt so honored to read such unbelievable words – and they were all about the way my photography made her feel. WOW. I teared up as I read about her and what she’s been through the past several months, how she had the most supportive and loving fiancé and how she was ready to spend her life with him.

Once I got to the end of the email I realized this adorable couple lived all the way on the other coast of Florida. They wanted to drive over 3 hours to shave their engagement photos done. Really??!! Omg that’s awesome!! I felt so honored to photograph these two. They are the epitome of love – understanding – support and kindness. And I got to capture their time here in St. Pete.

Meet Nicole and Ben – two sweet souls who are completely and utterly head over heels for each other 🙂  I hope you enjoy getting to know them as much as I have 🙂

I asked Nicole and Ben to share a little about themselves with me. Before answering my questionnaire, Nicole wrote this to me:

“Ben & I share a love unlike any other.  I hope these answers reveal some of that and give you a glimpse of who we are, the obstacles we’ve overcome, and the sacrifices Ben has made for me; all while I have been struggling with health issues.  It is the best thing anyone has ever done for me.  To love me and support me no matter what!  He has been by my side through it all, and I am forever grateful for that!! He’s my rock! We’re madly in love, and as I’ve told you before we both consider ourselves to be so blessed!” 

Ben is super crafty! He used to handmake longboard skateboards, so why not create something for their session!!

He made this save the date sign! So cute!“We have 3 adorable cats! Oldest first (4 yrs old) named Pumpkin, then Casper, then our baby girl Nala. I can’t believe we have so many, because I’m severely allergic, but what can I say. We love our babies! ““I truly love doing everything with Ben.  No matter what it is, we have fun! ““We are crazy in love, and have been together for 4yrs and 3 months! Our anniversary is on the 7th and we can’t wait to be married (which will be on our 5 yr anniversary! ). We are so blessed to have found each other, which we never take for granted!”

“When Ben and I first met, I had this school planner (I love my planners) and in the front there was the “starfish story”.  Well, before Ben asked me to be his girlfriend he went on a mission trip to Honduras (which he did for 4 yrs) and came back with a beautiful, handmade, glass starfish necklace! I was in tears! I couldn’t believe he remembered the short, simple little story I told him in my planner months before!  Not only was it a starfish, but it was attached to a small piece of paper with the actual “starfish story”. I was so taken back that he thought of that while being in another country. 

It holds a lot of meaning, and it is truly one of my most favorite things I own. “

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