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Neele and Luke. True Love Engagement Session. St. Petersburg.FL

I’m a sucker for a real love story…ahhhh…….Okay, okay, people who know me would say I can be quite a cheesball in any situation. But they all know I’m a hopeless romantic. Who doesn’t love LOVE?!?  Love can survive anything right?? Such is the case for Neele and Luke. And I LOVE their love story!!!

It was a normal Monday night when I received Neele’s call. She and Luke live in Chicago, but were eloping in St. Pete… in 5 days. WOW, 5 days!!??? I managed to get my questionnaire out, she responded immediately and we set up this fun session incorporating what their relationship was all about.

Neele and Luke’s story starts 6 years ago in Germany. He was playing basketball and she was just living her life.  They met, fell in love and continued to see each other (long distance) for 3 years. After moving over to the states, they decided it was time to get married. Love has no timeline.. it just happens.

I’m so so happy we made this work. I met a couple who’s completely in love…. and they show that real love can survive anything. Even being an ocean apart 🙂

We started at the Historic Grayl’s Hotel in Downtown St. Pete. I loved the warm feeling of the hotel…very inviting 🙂

I can’t remember what cracked Luke up, but this was the perfect opportunity to snap a shot 🙂

Love this pic of Neele!!


Thanks for being such great sports!! Who doesn’t love climbing trees!! 😉

 I knew travel was a huge part of Neele and Luke’s relationship, so I was stoked about our next stop.

I was SOO lucky to borrow this 1930’s Waco Biplane!! Thanks to everyone at  Albert Whitted Airport who made this happen!!

Our last stop was the mini-beach in downtown St. Pete where Luke was showing off his skills 🙂

I love Luke’s sign!!

I had such a great time with you guys!!! Can’t wait to see you in Chi-town 😉

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