Mike, Durant High School, Tampa High School Senior Photographer

Meet Mike (or Mikey as his family likes to call him 😉 He loves computer programming, reading and blogging. Loves a good cuban sandwich, sushi or hibachi grilled food. And his spirit during our session was just plain awesome!! Here are a few favs from our day!! If music described your personality, what would it be?

“Pop punk music!”
P I N this to pinterestWhat would you say your style is personally?

“Comfortable, definitely.  I don’t let what other people think about me influence the decisions I make about what to wear or how l look.

 I am just me.

 I love to help people whenever I can.  I wear Toms mostly because it helps others. “

P I N this to pinterest P I N this to pinterestWhat do you want your photos to say about you? 

“I want to be able to look back on them in 20 years and remember what it felt like to be a senior.”

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