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Lisette and Bobby, Calabria Italy, Italian Wedding Photographer

Venue and Caterer: Villa San Domenico

Cake: Pasticceria Viola

Hair & Makeup: Domenico Laureto

Music – DJ: Rosario Rummolo Group

Photographer: Roohi Photography

Videographer: Luca Di Biase Fotografo

I’ve known Lisette since the beginning (not the beginning of time lol but since the beginning of Roohi Photography -or back then it was called RM Fotography – yes I know..dont ask!!:) And I’ve loved watching her adventures and see her travel back to Italy to work and then to Aberdeen where she met the love of her life, Bobby. I really couldn’t keep up with all she was doing. But one day I saw she got engaged and I told her I HAVE TO BE THERE!!!

How honored was I to fly to Italy and capture her perfect wedding. Seriously guys… it’s exactly as you would imagine an Italian wedding being. As I close my eyes and relive each moment, I’m taken back to the scenery, the food, the people, the weather… I can feel it, smell it and just be present in that moment. Lisette and Bobby’s wedding took place in the quaint, beautiful town of San Basile. San Basile holds a special place in Lisette’s heart. The Bellizzi’s have many ties to this beautiful city, and the church where Lisette and Bobby married was the same church her father married her mother (Lisette’s maiden name is Bellizzi 😉 I had much to learn about their traditional ceremony and every moment left me in awe. Thank goodness for the videographers helping me along the way!! I didn’t stop smiling the entire day…. it’s one I’ll never forget.

As we travelled up the mountain to get to Villa San Domenico, I was struck with the beauty of the countryside. And at the reception, Lisette and Bobby’s friends from all around the world welcomed them like a family welcoming home their child. Wine, amazing Italian food and desserts filled the night. I can’t say enough about their magical day. One day soon, Italy, I’m coming back for you!!


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