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Kiersten + Mike Engagement Session

Kiersten + Mike, I can’t wait for your December wedding. I hope you enjoy your engagement photos!! (and yes, I did tear up as I was going through them! haha)


Mike + Kiersten… In their own words


Mike proposed to Kiersten on this pier…

“We usually take nightly walks with Jack to the pier.  When we got down there he was acting all “mushy”, and got down on one knee. I thought he was kidding until he pulled the ring out.  He totally caught me off guard.”



 “We have a 2 ½ year old 100lbs mutt named Jack (Great Dane, Boxer, Lab mix).

Since we got Jack, he has been the center of our life.  Our everyday life revolves around Jack…and he was a big part of Mike’s proposal.”


What she loves about him…

“He always knows how to put a smile on my face, when I am having a bad day, he always knows the exact words to say.”

What he loves about her:

“Her ability not to be fake…ever – In this world you’ll find people who are fake all the time.

Kier has an uncanny way of not being fake to me or anyone she loves and it’s refreshing to see that in another person.

I know that when I ask her opinion of something I’m going to get a truthful answer, whether or not she thinks I’ll  like what she’s going to say.”

“We love quiet nights at home – having wine, eating pizza and watching storage wars.”


We have been together for 7 years and we would not change any of it!

“I love how he puts me first, he always wants to know what I want to do.  He makes me feel special.”

“She is one of the most polite and caring people I’ve met.  From donating her time and volunteering, to helping friends in need.  She really makes me want to be a better person.” a couple:

After 7 years, our parents STILL have not met! (They do e-mail and send holiday cards to each other!)

We can’t play golf together because we are to competitive with each other.

We are low maintenance and love to be comfortable.

 Jack is the love of our lives 🙂

We both are passionate about our respective sports teams and cheer for the others.

“There isn’t one specific thing that we LOVE to do together, but being with each other is what we love to do. We love to laugh, smile and have a good time. “

“Even though we love to spend time together, we also love doing things on our own.

Mike is an avid golfer and I love to go running and work out.  Even though we don’t share those similar interest, we love coming together and sharing our experiences with each other. “

“Throughout our seven years together, we have also shared many of life’s ups and downs together which we feel have made us into a stronger couple.”

p.s….These are MY favorites!! 🙂

“We love to LAUGH and be goofy! “

Congratulations Kiersten + Mike 🙂 I can’t tell you how much fun I had with you guys…and I’m counting down the days until your December wedding!! xoxo

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