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Kaitlyn + Kenny, Downtown St. Petersburg Engagement Session

The awesome duo: Kaitlyn and Kenny

Hometown: Both from Illinois and both graduated from Univ. of Illinois (Gooo Chiefs!)

How they met: Knew of each other in high school, but dated and fell in love in college 🙂

Some of their absolute “favorites”: Books and cool bookstores (score!), fun/romantic date nights to unique places

“As much as we are alike, we’re also very different. But those differences compliment each other. we keep each other grounded and on track” [Kaitlyn]

What she loves about him: “His blue eyes, carefree attitude, the way he makes me smile”…..

What he loves about her: “Her smile, her compassion for others, love of all things family”…..

“We’re pretty low key and laid back… We appreciate the simple things in life.”

“We left behind everything we’ve ever known, and moved 1,700 miles away to start our lives together.” [Kaitlyn]

“We love unique bars and restaurants!!!”

Thank you guys for sharing your favorite things with me! I had SO much fun spending my afternoon with you two!!

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