Wedding Investment

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Wedding Investment

I would love to schedule a meeting at my St. Pete studio with you and discuss your wedding day. I take weddings very seriously – that is why I only take a limited number of weddings each year. I find that when I do this, I’m able to give you the best client experience, the absolute best customer service and quality products from an unforgettable day. Your wedding isn’t just one day of the weekend, it’s my whole weekend.

After we meet and you book your date, I send out a questionnaire to find out more about you and your fiance (and start planning the engagement session!!).

I work with you hand-in-hand to make sure everything runs smoothly on your day.

Our 2017/2018 Wedding Collections start at $4000.

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I can’t wait to chat!!! Please email me , call or text me directly for investment information.
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Who are you?

  • Rana Tierney, a Tampa Bay photographer based in St. Pete who focuses on wedding photography, engagement photography, high school senior photography and lifestyle photography. I’m a wife, a mother, a daughter, a sister – and someone who has devoted her life to her passion. I pride myself on truly getting to know each and every client to help bring out the unique personality in everyone.

How would you describe your style?

  • I love emotion, color and lots of light. My goal is to create a fun, comfortable environment for your session. I want you to feel like no one else is around. For engagement sessions, I give direction when needed, but mostly, this is your time to be together – and take this as a moment to really capture your love for one another. For family lifestyle sessions, it’s all about interaction. Having fun with your kids and not worrying about how you’re posing for the camera. And for senior sessions, I probably give more direction – b/c I want you to feel glamorous! I don’t want it to be a stuffy senior shoot. This is your time to shine!!

Where do you shoot?

  • Tampa, St. Pete, Sarasota (and of course any and everywhere in the state of FL, United States and Internationally) I have photographed weddings in New York, in the frigid area of Michigan and Key West

Film or Digital?

  • Digital, I shoot with a Canon 5d Mark III

Why should we choose Roohi Photography?

  • Great question!! First off, thank you for stopping by my site. I know there are SO many photographers out there, so the fact that you stopped to check out my work, my reviews and everything that makes me who I am, is an honor in itself. Roohi Photography is dedicated to you, the client. When you hire Roohi Photography, you GET Roohi Photography. I meet with you, I work from beginning to end on you wedding and I show up on your wedding day. I limit weddings to around 20 a year, so I can commit all my time to my clients. I want my focus to be you. I try and schedule only one wedding per weekend; therefore, my weekend is about your wedding. The preparation, the commitment on the day of and day after. It’s all about you! I will work hand in hand and help you find vendors, talk about your vision and answer any and every question you have.

So…what should we know before our session?

  • We’ll set up a time for your photo session. (Be sure to book at least 3 weeks to a month in advance).
  • You’ll receive an email where you can fill out your contract and Getting to Know You Kit online. (The Kit is a short questionnaire to find out what you love, your favorite things, places etc. It’s my way of getting to know you!!)
  • We can meet in person, or chat over the phone/email. We’ll discuss props (yes props are awesome!!), clothing styles (what outfits do and don’t work) locations etc.

How many outfit changes do you recommend we bring to the session?

  • High School: 2-4, Engagement: 2-3, Family 1-2, Children 2, Maternity 2

Where should our session be?

  • After you fill out your kit, I’ll have a better idea of what you love to do! We’ll brainstorm some of your ideas, pin some inspiration on pinterest and pick our perfect spot (s) 🙂

Help!! What do we wear??

  • Figuring out the perfect outfit is as simple as pie!! The whole point it to be comfortable. I want you in your element! Adding fun scarves, jewelry, hats etc always makes for a great shoot! Remember, layering ROCKS in photos…so spice it up! Step outside the box!!
  • Gals – pick your fav outfit and add some fun jewelry… or spice it up with some red stilettos!!  And don’t forget, wear your makeup a bit heavier than usual…
  • Guys – hats, ties, cool jackets… you get it….it’s all about being yourself.
  • Kiddos – let the kids have full reign over what the ywant…this is ALL about them right? Do they have a fav toy..or outfit…shoes, hats, gloves. I say, let them pick it all. bright colors are awesome..
  • Few more notes… and a couple of no no’s  – I think it’s great to have colors that coordinate, but not completely match. Say NO to all matching shirts. No jeans and white tops… not too many prints. But the more colors, the better!!

What is the best time of day to photograph?

  • I love photographing a few hours before sunset, but really any time of the day can work (depending on location). If you love lots of bright light, then mid day is best. If you love those dreamy photos, I would recommend 2 hours before sunset.

Do you travel for weddings/sessions?

  • Absolutely! I am available for travel all across the US and internationally. Travel fees apply.

When do I get pics???

  • After our session, we’ll plan the perfect date for your in-studio ordering session (usually 2-3 weeks after your session). We’ll go over your image gallery, pick your favorites and order all your wall prints. I’ll have examples of my products handy (nothing like having it right in front of you… that way you can feel it, see it on your walls and get a great idea of what you’re investing in).  This is a great time to invite your family and friends to the studio, so they can pick out their favorites!

How much do you love what you do???

  • More than you could EVER imagine 🙂

Tell me about the day of the session!!

  • We’ll meet up and take tons of photos!! We may travel from location to location and have a few outfit changes (if you’d like). And of course we’ll have fun doing this!!

How do I book a portrait session?