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Danielle & Eddie, Dunedin Engagement Session, Dunedin, Florida

A boat ride to a secluded island, ice cream off Main street and being serenaded by a guy and his guitar.  Ahhhh…the perfect date. Ooops, I mean the perfect engagement session!!!  Sorry, daydreaming for a moment 😉 Meet Danielle & Eddie. Danielle and I have been chatting since last June (Danielle, it’s been that long, can you believe it ??). Our emails were always filled with lots of exclamation points and smiley faces. No surprise with me, right? We instantly connected over email. Our meeting started off with a hug, and then we started chatting like old friends. Danielle is an incredibly considerate, beautiful, smart woman. I love her energy and knew her fiancé would be just the same. And I was right 🙂 Eddie and Danielle make a great team! I was so so happy to be a part of this day. And I’m even more excited to be a part of the journey to their wedding next year.

I love this shot… Really does look like a cologne ad!!! 

This one makes me melt!!Too cute 🙂

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