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Britt & Brad, 1950’s Vintage-Inspired Engagement Session, St. Petersburg, Florida

When Britt and Brad contacted me about their engagement session, I couldn’t wait to start planning (You’ll see why!!). I knew Britt modeled a little on the side, Brad was into music (he plays guitar, sax, accordion, bass, tin whistle, and pretty much anything he puts his hands on!) and the two were very much into Old Hollywood (in fact, that’s their wedding theme, sooo cute!!). Through some pretty awesome contacts, I was able to get a few 1950’s vintage cars for the first part of our session.


“I love his ability to be silly and make me laugh, the way he brings smiles to a room, and how passionate he is about the things he loves (music, history, family, etc.).”

“I love how she makes me happy whenI’m stressed out. I love her smile and how her eyes change colors. She works hard at everything she does, including our relationship.  We are best friends.”

“We swing dance, and we are both musical.  I play the drums.  He plays guitar, sax, accordion, bass, tin whistle, and pretty much anything he attempts (except percussion… that’s more my area.)”

“Other than music, Brad plays basketball and I enjoy theatre and improv.  We are both very goofy, too.  I can turn my feet backwards and we both make crazy faces.  We love to make each other laugh!”“I am Italian, so I love Italian food (and he loves my cooking).  I also love things from Philly (where I’m from) like cheese steaks, hoagies and pretzels.  Brad loves Italian and sea food.  We both eat a lot of pizza!!”

“I am really into vintage culture – old monster movies and pinup!! Out home is decorated in 1940s and 50s decor.”  

“Brad loves his Scottish heritage, so that plays a part in out lives, too.  We are huge hockey fans!!  We LOVE the Philadelphia Flyers and paint our faces for games :)”

“We are very into the past.  I love the pinup era (our wedding has an old Hollywood theme!!), and Brad loves everything about history.

We also love traveling, and intend to spend a good bit of time in Europe in the future.  We will probably settle somewhere in the New England.”

“We are young in age, but we are kind of old souls.”

“I want our photos to tell the story of who we are.  We are different from the rest of the world, but alike in each other.  We always, always have fun when we are together!! Even though we are young, we know we are meant to spend our lives together.

I want our pictures to show that we are perfect together. “


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