about roohi photography

{Roohi Photography}: boutique photography business with a dash of vintage, a mix of modern day ‘must haves’ and a commitment to the client experience. Roohi Photography… be you.

Welcome to Roohi Photography!!! I’d like to take this opportunity to welcome you as a new client (or prospective client!!) and tell you a little about Roohi Photography.

As you can see from above, Roohi Photography is a boutique photography business in the Tampa Bay area. You’re probably wondering why I call it a “boutique” business. Boutique is defined in many different ways according to dictionary.com. And what you find when you’re describing Roohi is this: an exclusive business offering customized service and specializing in one aspect of a larger industry.

Roohi Photography is more than a photography business. What makes Roohi exclusive? The CLIENT experience. I know that your session is not just me showing up, snapping a few shots and calling it a day. No way!!!

It’s about the vision you have for your photos. From the moment you hire Roohi Photography, the client experience begins. My commitment is to you – What makes you happy? What photos would make your session complete? What is your vision? Photography is an important investment. What would life have been like without a camera? Think of all those childhood moments that can’t ever be recreated, or those moments our family captured with the click of the camera. I think about that each time I look at an old family album. I’m so lucky to have a father who valued film and video so much. It made me realize how valuable a photograph can be. Photography, whether we realize it or not, hugely impacts our life. It is an investment in our memories.

 I encourage you to ask questions any and all the time! Not only am I here to photograph the moments that are the most important to you, but I’m also here to create a lasting relationship. I look forward to exceeding all your expectations!

Questions? Comments? Call, text or email me any time.

Rana Mohammadian Roohi Photography www.roohiphotography.com [email protected] 727.252.8949